2004 Publications | Tānga Pukapuka

Book Chapters

Fitzgerald, R., Wylie, J., Crump, R. and Campbell, H. ‘Margarine Regulation: A Political Economy of Risk and Safety’. P. 205-220 in Dew, K. and Fitzgerald, R. (eds.) Challenging Science: Issues for NZ Society in the 21st Century. Dunmore: Palmerston North. (2004).

Campbell, H. Organics Ascendant? The Curious Politics of Resistance to GM.  In Hindmarsh, R and Lawrence, G. (eds.) Recoding Nature: Critical Perspectives on GM. University of New South Wales Press. Sydney. (2004).


Moller, H., F. Berkes, P. O. Lyver, and M. Kislalioglu. Combining science and traditional ecological knowledge: monitoring populations for co-management. Ecology and Society 9(3): 2.
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Willis, S. and Campbell, H. 'The Chestnut Economy: The Praxis of Neo-Peasantry in Rural France'. Sociologia Ruralis Vol 44(3) July 2004.
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Murcott, A. and Campbell, H.  'Teoria Agro-Alimentare e Sociologi dell'Alimentazione' (Agri-Food Theory and the Sociology of Food), Rassegna Italiana di Sociologia 4(2004): 571-603.  (2004).

Conference Papers & Submissions

Campbell, H. Green Protectionism Part 2: EUREP-GAP, Agri-Food Systems Governance and the Decline of Organic Exporting from New Zealand. Paper presented to International Rural Sociological Association, World Congress, Trondheim, July, 2004.

Campbell, H. and Fairweather, J. The ARGOS Programme. Paper presented to Agri-Food XI, Canberra, June, 2004.

Campbell, H. Green Protectionism Part2: The Collapse of Two-Tiered Greening in NZ?. Paper presented to Agri-Food XI, Canberra, June, 2004.