SAC # 42: Customary Fisheries 101



1 October 2007, 4- 5:30pm


St David Seminar Room 1, University of Otago


Nigel Scott, Toit? Te Whenua


Nigel Scott of Toit? Te Whenua kicks off Te Tiaki Mahinga Kai's Te Hao M?tauranga Seminar Series by sharing his ten years of experience advocating for, supporting and implementing customary fishing regulations. The core functions of Toit? Te Whenua (the environmental unit of the Ng?i Tahu Tribal Council - Te R?nanga o Ng?i Tahu) relate to the protection, restoration and enhancement of the customary/aboriginal and Article Two Treaty rights of Ng?i Tahu Wh?nui. Customary fishing rights are a key component of the pool of rights that are held by Ng?i Tahu Wh?nui. One way for Ng?i Tahu Wh?nui to exercise their customary fishing rights is through the establishment of 'Area Management Tools' such as M?taitai and Tai?pure, that were designed specifically to recognize and provide for the use and management practices of Iwi and Hap? around the country.

About the Speaker

Nigel Scott, Customary Fisheries Advisor for Toit? Te Whenua, shares his unique insight into the history behind the development of these management tools, Ng?i Tahu's plan to create a network of customary fishing protection areas around their tribal area, ongoing management issues within established M?taitai and Tai?pure, and the beginnings of Te Tiaki Mahinga Kai, a monitoring/research framework intended to support tangata tiaki/kaitiaki managing these areas.

This seminar is Seminar 2 in the