Context Effects on Household Energy-related Behaviour

PhD Candidate: Daniel Gnoth

Supervisors: Professor Rob Lawson (Department of Marketing); Dr. Janet Stephenson (CSAFE)

Project dates: 2010-2013


Brief Abstract

The ability to change habits in relation to energy efficiency is generally something that requires immense effort from the individual. This study aims to understand how energy-related behaviour changes after one moves homes, and what can be done to make the most of this opportunity to increase energy efficiency in the household.

Using a longitudinal design, participants are interviewed pre- and post-shifting about how they use energy on a day-to-day basis. The methodology adopts an exploratory soft systems approach to understand how energy-related behaviours may change and to help identify the reasons for change, whether they are because of internal motivations or external influences. This process involves an initial interview followed by two post-shifting interviews that map out the changes in technologies and behaviours associated with them.

This project is funded by the University of Otago Posgraduate Scholarship.