Maori decision drivers for forest management and national sustainability

PhD Candidate: Stephanie Rotarangi

Supervisors: Professor Hugh Campbell (CSAFE; Department of Sociology, Gender, and Social Work); Dr. Chris Rosin (CSAFE)

Project dates: 2008-2011


Brief Abstract

This PhD research sets out to investigate the relationship between Maori resource management values and plantation forestry in New Zealand. In particular, this research will define the physical, socio-cultural, policy, and tenure characteristics of plantation forestry that enable or constrain Maori resource management values.

The research objectives are to define:

  1. The resource management values articulated by Maori for plantation forestry;  
  2. The characteristics of plantation forest management that enable or constrain the realisation of such values;
  3. If these characteristics can be manipulated to realise these values more effectively;
  4. If a model can be developed that ascertains the impact of land-management decisions on intergenerational resource management values.


This research project is funded by a grant of $97,222 through the Ministry of Science & Innovation (MSI). Stephanie has been awarded a Te Tipu P?taiao Doctoral Fellowship.