2000 Publications | Tānga Pukapuka

Book Chapters

Campbell, H. ‘Between Abstract Promise and Concrete Reality: Can GM Feed the Third World?’. In R. Davis (ed.) Will the Enz Justify the Genes? Capital City Forum: Wellington 32-43 (2000). [ISBN 0-9583740-6-6]

Moller, H.; Horsley, P.; Lyver, P. O’B.; Taiepa, T.; Davis, J.; Bragg, M. Co-management by Maori and Pakeha for improved conservation in the 21st century.  Pp 156 – 167. In Perkins, H. & Memon, A. (eds.) Environmental Planning and Management in New Zealand. Dunmore Press, Palmerston North. (2000).

Campbell, H. ‘The future of New Zealand’s food exports’, in R. Prebble (ed.) Designer Genes. Dark Horse Publishers: Wellington. 71-84 (2000) [ISBN 0-9582146-0-3]


Hunter, C.M.; Moller, H.; Fletcher, D.  Parameter uncertainty and elasticity analyses of a population model: setting research priorities for shearwaters.  Ecological Modelling 134: 299 - 323. (2000)

Ragg, J. R., Mackintosh, C. G.; Moller, H.  The scavenging behaviour of ferrets (Mustela furo), feral cats (Felis domesticus), possums (Trichosurus vulpecula), hedgehogs (Erinaceus europaeus) and harrier hawks (Circus approximans) on pastoral farmland in New Zealand: implications for bovine tuberculosis transmission.  New Zealand Veterinary Journal 48:166-175. (2000)

Ragg, J.R.; Moller, H..  Microhabitat selection by feral ferrets (Mustela furo) in a pastoral habitat, East Otago, New Zealand.  New Zealand Journal of Ecology 24: 39 – 46. (2000)

Campbell, H. and Fitzgerald, R. 'New Zealand's Food Exports in the 21st Century: Whither the Green Option?' Proceedings of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production, 60: 72-77 (2000)

Saunders, C.M, Moxey, A. Roningen, V. and Catagay, S. Modelling links between Trade and the Environment. A partial equilibrium analysis of dairy trade and its impacts on groundwater quality. Australian conference of Agricultural and Research Economists January, (2000).

Saunders, C.M. Reviewing the CAP: a new agenda. NZ International Review XX(2) (2000)

Conference Papers & Submissions

Saunders, C.M. Moxey, A. and Roningen , V. Trade and environment, Linking a partial equilibrium trade model with production systems and their environmental consequences. Paper presented at annual conference of Agricultural Economics Society, University Of Manchester April (2000).

Campbell, H. Organic Agriculture in New Zealand.  Submission to the Parliamentary Primary Production Select Committee Inquiry into Organic Agriculture.  CSAFE, Otago University, (2000)

Campbell, H. No First Release? An Evaluation of Current Research Pertaining to the Potential First Release of GMOs in New Zealand Food Production, Submission to IBAC.  (March 3rd, 2000)

Saunders, C.M. Strategic Issues for NZ: GM Or GM Free. Paper to NZ Association Of Economists, Wellington. (2000)

Saunders, C.M. (2000): Markets Signals and Problems. Invited Paper to Plant Protection Society Conference on Plant Protection Problems and Organic Products. Christchurch, August,(2000).

Fitzgerald, R. and H. Campbell 'Follow the Fear: Frankenfoods and Food Scares'. Paper presented to the Agri-Food Research Network annual conference. Tumbarumba, November, (2000).

Campbell, H. Gene Technology and New Zealand Agriculture: Strategies and Options, proceedings of the Gene Technology in New Zealand: Scientific Issues and Implications seminar, 6-7 May, 2000 Environmental Risk Management Authority, Wellington (2000).

Sivak, L., R. Fitzgerald and H. Campbell ‘Content Analysis of International Print Media Coverage of Genetically Modified Food: 1995-2000’. Paper presented to the Agri-Food Research Network annual conference. Tumbarumba, November, (2000).

Ritchie, M., H. Campbell and L. Sivak. Investigating the Market for Organic Food: Dunedin, New Zealand and the World. Paper presented to Organics 2020: New Zealand National Conference on Organics, Unitec Auckland. May 19-20, 2000.


Cook, A., Fairweather, J. and Campbell, H. New Zealand Farmer and Grower Intentions to Use Genetic Engineering Technology and Organic Production Methods, Agribusiness and Economics Research Unit, Lincoln University (2000)

Discussion Papers

Campbell, H., Fitzgerald, R., Saunders, C. and L. Sivak, Strategic Issues for GMOs in Primary Production. CSAFE discussion paper No. 1, Otago University (2000). (PDF)