2002 Publications | Tānga Pukapuka

Book Chapters

Campbell, H. and Ritchie, M. Social and Economic Dynamics of Organic Agriculture, in Coles, G., van Steensel, F. and G. Bodle (Eds.) A Review of New Zealand and International Organic Land Management Research. Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association of New Zealand: Wellington. Pp 97-111 (2002).


Campbell, H. and Fitzgerald, R. Follow the Fear: A Multi-Sited Approach to GM, Rural Society11(3): 211-224 (2002)

Fitzgerald, R., Campbell, H. and Sivak, L Content Analysis of Bias in International Print Media Coverage of GM Food. Rural Society11(3): 181-196 (2002)

Conference Papers & Submissions

Campbell, H. Organics Ascendent: the curious politics of resistance to GM. Paper presented to the SAANZ annual conference, University of Canterbury, December 2002.

Fitzgerald, R, Campbell, H., Sly, C., and S. Finlay  ‘The Flight to Nature? An ethnographic study of retailing and consumption of organic food’. Paper presented to the International Sociological Association World Congress. Brisbane, July 2002.

Campbell, H. ‘The Domestic Market for Organic Food in NZ – 2002’. Feature address to the annual conference of Bio-Gro New Zealand. Palmerston North, May, 2002.


Campbell, H. and Ritchie, M. The Organic Food Market in New Zealand: 2002. Centre for the Study of Agriculture, Food and Environment research report No. 1. University of Otago: June (2002).