Our Communication Plan outlined

The following table outlines the communication, reporting, and management strategy on a monthly basis for the four year duration of the ENSO proposal.

  • PDF of communication plan

It references specific Critical Steps as well as crucial milestones and objectives listed in the bid proposal.

One of these objectives is the mentoring and enrichment of Emerging Researchers with the scheduling of periodic workshops and networking opportunities. Another key objective is to engage our end-users, key stakeholders, and the general public throughout the duration of the project by initiating a web-hosted newsletter and reporting as well as annual workshops and meetings.

In order to meet these objectives and to provide accessible information for New Zealand policy makers and management staff, it is therefore crucial that we invest our time in creating and implementing an intensive communication and co-operation plan.  The information in this PDF assists in the scheduling and organisation of these plans for a project that is dynamic in its multi-disciplinary and system approach to investigating the effects of Climate Change.

We will update this continuously throughout the project and will include links to other resources, including ('hot link') quarterly newsletters, end-user workshop reports, Impact Statements, and the Project Implementation Plan (table from earlier today). This schedule will be managed by the Governance Group, including Administrative Post-Doc Katherine Baer Jones. Any questions or feedback regarding this schedule can be emailed to