A Matter of Waste? Ambivalence and reflexivity in social practice around household food waste

Masters Candidate: Alison Stoddart 

Supervisors: Professor Hugh Campbell (CSAFE) and Dr. Lesley Procter (Department of Sociology)

Project dates: 2010-2012


Brief Abstract

Food waste is becoming increasingly recognised within both popular and academic discourses as an issue with significant environmental and economic consequences. Increasing interest in this area can be viewed as part of a wider ?turn? towards acknowledging the political importance of consumption practices in general and food choices in particular. The issue of food waste has been addressed from a variety of perspectives; however, existing research in the area is still limited and tends towards (often problematic) attempts to quantify food waste at different points in the food system. Regarding household food waste, it can also risk portraying consumers as both ignorant and uncaring when it comes to this area of their everyday lives.

This mixed-method research project draws together both qualitative and quantitative data strands to focus on the social practices around food waste in a domestic setting. It is suggested that insights from a variety of diverse theorizations of both waste and food can be fruitfully engaged to build a richer understanding of this emerging topic.