2003 Publications | Tānga Pukapuka

Book Chapters

Campbell, H. and Lawrence, G. 'Assessing the Neo-liberal Experiment in Antipodean Agriculture', in R. Almas and G. Lawrence (eds) Globalization, Localization and Sustainable Livelihoods, Ashgate, Aldershot, UK. Pp. 89-102 (2003).


McKenna, M.M. and Campbell, H. It's Not Easy Being Green: The Development of 'Food Safety' Practices in New Zealand's Apple Industry, International Journal for the Sociology of Agriculture and Food 10(2) (2003)

Fairweather, J. and Campbell, H. Environmental Beliefs and Farm Practices of New Zealand Farmers: Contrasting Pathways to Sustainability. Agriculture and Human Values Vol20(3):287-300 (October 2003)

Conference Papers & Submissions

Campbell, H. Anthropology and Trans-Disciplinary Research: A Case Study from New Zealand. Semana del Facultad de Ciencas Anthropologia. October 31, 2003.

Campbell, H. and Lyons, K. The Development of Organic Agriculture in New Zealand. Paper presented to the Fifth Annual International Conference on Organic Agriculture, Palace des Convenciones, Havana, Cuba. May, 2003.

Fitzgerald,R., Campbell, H. and Sly, C.  Literature Review on the Social Science Theory and Biotechnology. Presented to Mini-Symposium  Biotechnology and the Social Sciences, Akaroa, April, 2003.

Campbell, H. and Fitzgerald, R. The Political Economy of Margarine. Paper presented to the Agri-Food Research Network annual conference, Akaroa, April 2003.


Kaye Blake, W., Campbell, H., Plummer, C., Kitto, L., Polson, C., McKay, W., Fitzgerald, R. and Saunders, C. The GM Food Market: A Current Analysis. CSAFE Discussion Paper No. 4. Centre for the Study of Agriculture, Food and Environment: University of Otago. (2003) (28 pages)

Sanderson, K., Saunders, C., Nana, G., Stroombergen, A., Campbell, H., Fairweather, J. and Heinemann, A. Economic Risks and Opportunities from the Release of Genetically Modified Organisms in New Zealand, Ministry for the Environment: Wellington (2003) (63 pages)

Fairweather, J., Maslin, C., Gossman, P. and Campbell, H. Farmer Views on the Use of Genetic Engineering in Agriculture, AERU Research Report No258. Agribusiness and Economics Research Unit: Lincoln University, Canterbury (2003) (66 pages)

Manhire, J., Campbell, H. and Fairweather, J. Pathways to Sustainability: Comparing Production Systems Across Four Sectors of New Zealand Agriculture. CSAFE Discussion paper no. 2. Centre for the Study of Agriculture, Food and Environment: University of Otago. (2003) (17 pages).

Plummer, C., Kitto, L., Polson, C., McKay, W., Saunders, C. and Campbell, H. Co-Existence of GM and Non-GM Crops: A Review of International Evidence. CSAFE Discussion Paper No. 3, Centre for the Study of Agriculture, Food and Environment. University of Otago. (July, 2003).