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Book Chapters

Campbell, H. Organic agriculture in New Zealand: 'corporate greening', transnational corporations and sustainable agriculture. in Globalisation and Agri-food Restructuring: Perspectives from Australia and New Zealand. D. Burch, G. Lawrence and R Rickson eds. Aldershot, Avebury (1996) 153-172 [ISBN 1 85972 380 2]

Moller, H. Customary use of indigenous wildlife - Towards a bicultural approach to conserving New Zealand's biodiversity.  In Biodiversity.  B.McFagen and P. Simpson (eds.). Wellington, Department of Conservation. 89 - 125. (1996).


Moller, H., Showers, J. and Wright, M. Sodium monofluoroacetate (1080) poisoned jam baits laid for brushtail possums (Trichosurus vulpecula) also kill ferrets (Mustela furo).  New Zealand Journal of Zoology 23: 135 - 141 (1996)

Coombes, B and Campbell, H.  "Pluriactivity in (and beyond?) a regulationist crisis"  New Zealand Geographer , 52(2): 11-17 (1996)


Campbell, H. Recent developments in organic food production in New Zealand: part 1, organic food exporting in Canterbury. Studies in Rural Sustainability No. 1, Department of Anthropology, Otago University. (1996) (58 pages) [ISBN 0 9597911 2 4] (PDF)

Fairweather, J. and Campbell, H. The Decision Making of Organic and Conventional Agricultural Producers. Canterbury, Agribusiness and Economics Research Unit, Research Report No. 233 (1996) (30 pages)