Children's Energy Consumption in New Zealand Households

PhD Candidate: Ikerne Aguirre-Bielschowsky

Supervisors: Professor Rob Lawson (Department of Marketing); Dr. Janet Stephenson (CSAFE); Professor Sarah Todd (PVC International)

Project dates: 2010-2013


Brief Abstract

The research purpose is to identify and understand the different factors influencing children?s electricity usage in New Zealand households, and to assess the potential role of children in encouraging their families to adopt energy-efficient practices. The study is of a qualitative nature and based on an interdisciplinary framework. The research explores children?s energy literacy (knowledge, attitude, and intended behaviour), electricity usage in everyday life, family dynamics and negotiations, and the potential of children as catalysts of social and environmental change.


This project is funded by the University of Otago and the National Council for Science and Technology, Mexico (CONACYT).