1997 Publications | Tānga Pukapuka

Book Chapters

Campbell, H. Organic Food Exporting in New Zealand: The emerging relationship between sustainable agriculture, corporate agri-business and globalising food networks. in H. De Haan, B. Kasimis, and M. Redclift eds. Sustainable Rural Development Ashgate, Aldershot (1997) 51-72 [ISBN 1 85972 595 3]

Conference Papers & Submissions

Saunders, C.M. Current and future developments in agri-environmental policies and the CAP in the EU, and their implications for NZ. Paper presented at the NZARES conference July (1997).

Saunders, C.M. Socio-Economic Impact of Development of Low-Input Agriculture in Europe and the Implications for New Zealand, paper presented to the Agri-food conference, Akaroa December (1997).


Campbell, H., Fairweather, J. and Steven, D. Recent developments in organic food production in New Zealand: part 2, Kiwifruit in the Bay of Plenty. Studies in Rural Sustainability No. 2, Department of Anthropology, Otago University. (1997) (47 pages) [ISBN 0 9597911 7 5] (PDF)

Liepins, R. and Campbell, H. Men and women as stakeholders in the initiation and implementation of sustainable farm practices: Organic agriculture in Canterbury. Studies in Rural Sustainability No. 3. Department of Geography, University of Otago. (1997).(66 pages)

Saunders, C., Manhire, J., Campbell, H. and Fairweather, J. Organic Farming in New Zealand: An evaluation of the current and future prospects including an assessment of research needs. MAF Policy Technical Paper 97/13. MAF, Wellington. (1997) (153 pages) [ISBN-0-2-X]