Between the Global & the Local: Question on the resilience of agrifood systems in the face of global shocks

PhD Candidate: Angga Dwiartama 

Supervisors: Professor Hugh Campbell (CSAFE; Department of Sociology, Gender, and Social Work); Dr. Chris Rosin (CSAFE)

Project dates: 2011-2014


Brief Abstract

The research concerns social-ecological resilience of agrifood systems, taking case studies from the New Zealand kiwifruit industry and rice agriculture in Indonesia. Each case study will be analysed regarding its relations with the global dynamics of modern food systems as well as Social-Ecological Systems (SESs) on the local level. In addressing this, theories in global agriculture development (food regime theory) as well as human-nature relationship (actor-network theory) will be incorporated into the social aspect of resilience theory.

The case study on kiwifruit industry will take place in the kiwifruit orchards in the Bay of Plenty area, New Zealand, while the study on rice agriculture will be undertaken in several agricultural areas in West and Central Java, Indonesia. Part of the research regarding resilience of the kiwifruit industry will be established as a part of the ARGOS research project.