2009 Seminars

SAC #77 | Is Believing Seeing? Climate change and environmental orientation among New Zealand pastoral farmers 

Speakers: Mark Cooper
Date: 12 December 2009


SAC #76 | Property Rights for a New World: Can our property adapt to an ethic of sustainability? 

Speakers: Mick Strack
Date: 26 November 2009


SAC #75 | An Idea in Search of a Word 

Speakers: Janet Stephenson
Date: 12 November 2009


SAC #74 | Geographical Vector Agents and Agricultural Land Use 

Speakers: Tony Moore
Date: 29 October 2009


SAC #73 | Population and Sustainability 

Speakers: John Gadd
Date: 15 October 2009


SAC #72 | Sharefarming in England: A Hidden History 

Speakers: Elizabeth Griffiths
Date: 22 September 2009


SAC #71 | Where our women used to get their roots: Loss and renewal of indigenous food 

Speakers: Professor Nancy J. Turner
Date: 17 September 2009


SAC #70 | Balearic Shearwater Recovery Plan: Island restoration 

Speakers: Miguel McMinn
Date: 10 September 2009


SAC #69 | Nature's counter-attack: War and New Zealand's environmental history 

Speakers: Professor Tom Brooking
Date: 29 July 2009


SAC #68 | Weeds, Wildfires, and World War II: Environmental legacies on a small Pacific island

Speakers: Reed Perkins
Date: 25 June 2009


SAC #67 | "Yeotopia" Revisited: Ruminations on how the vibrancy of an ideal hid the relatively early industrialisation of New Zealand agriculture

Speakers: Professor Tom Brooking
Date: 11 June 2009


SAC #66 | The effects of farming practices and habitat diversification on spider and beetle communities on dairy farms

Speakers: Dr. Yuki Fukuda
Date: 4 June 2009


SAC #65 | Paddling the Canoe towards Sustainability

Speakers: Dr. Reed Perkins
Date: 28 May 2009


SAC #64 | Variations amongst Market-based Standards: A review of selected environmental certifications in the New Zealand dairy industry

Speakers: Becky Schewe
Date: 7 May 2009


SAC #63 | What is New Zealand's Biodiversity?

Speakers: Dr. James MacLaurin
Date: 23 April 2009


SAC #62 | Organic or conventional agriculture in Montenegro

Speakers: Dr. Solis Norton
Date: 9 April 2009


SAC #61 | Long-term Socio-Ecological Research: Empirical results from two case studies in the Upper Austrian Eisenwurzen regions

Speakers: Markus Gradwohl
Date: 26 March 2009


SAC #60 | The Expressive Forest: Arts and ecology in New Zealand

Speakers: Denys Trussell
Date: 12 March 2009


SAC #59 | I love whales; They are beautiful vs. I love whales; They are delicious!

Speakers: Dr. Yuki Fukuda
Date: 26 February 2009


SAC #58 | Do corridors promote invertebrate colonisation of native trees on farms?

Speakers: Dr. Yuki Fukuda
Date: 25 February 2009


SAC #57 | The "F" Word: Forestry plantations and human values in New Zealand

Speaker: Stephanie Rotarangi
Date: 5 February 2009