Researching case studies that demonstrate adaption to climate change

Funding Body The Agribusiness Group (TAG, MAF)
Total Contract Value  $7,797
Start Date December 2008
End Date
May 2009
Principal Investigator Chris Rosin
Staff Involved
Chris Rosin, Mark Cooper

Brief Abstract

This project developed short case study examples of actions undertaken in order to increase the resilience of farms relative to climate change from farms in the ARGOS project.  CSAFE contributed to case studies from two sheep/beef and three dairy farms, providing the qualitative data for a more accessible format to the case studies.  The farmers each participated in a semi-structured interview in which they elaborated their rationale and objectives for the practices that had been identified as providing a more resilient farming environment subject to future drought, increased wind and higher intensity precipitation events.  The case studies are to be used by the Ministry for Agriculture and Forestry on its website to promote climate change response.