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Daniel Gnoth

Daniel Gnoth

PhD Candidate

Daniel Gnoth is a researcher with the Energy Cultures project. He has been working with Energy Cultures since its beginning, first as an assistant researcher and then through his PhD, which he began in 2010. Daniel's thesis looks at how changes in material culture may influence how energy is used in the home. Moving presents a unique opportunity for energy-related behaviour changes, because it is at a time when people will be more likely to respond to changes in lifestyle, as well as appliance disposal and acquisition. 

Daniel is also the administrator of the Otago Energy Research Centre, which encourages interdisciplinary collaboration on energy efficiency issues. He is responsible for the day-to-day running of the centre, and encourages and facilitates collaboration between students, staff, and public interest. 


Journal Articles

Linking personal values to energy-efficient behaviours ? Rob Lawson, Miranda Mirosa, Daniel Gnoth. Under review with Environment and Behaviour.

Energy Cultures ? A Framework for Understanding Energy Behaviours ? Janet Stephenson, Barry Barton, Gerry Carrington, Daniel Gnoth, Rob Lawson & Paul Thorsnes, Energy Policy, Volume 38, Issue 10, pp.6120?6129, 2010.



Energy Cultures ? a database of literature on energy indicators, attitudes, values and behaviours. Daniel Gnoth, Rob Lawson. Report for OERC 2008.

Potentials of Maori Cultural Tourism Products in Otepoti. Gnoth, J. Boyes, S. Gnoth, D. 2009. Report for the Dunedin City Council 2009. University of Otago.

Energy lifestyles and attitudes, a study into the Brockville community in New Zealand ? Daniel Gnoth, Rob Lawson, Janet Stephenson. Report for OERC January 2010.

Characteristics of Household Energy Behaviours ? Miranda Mirosa, Daniel Gnoth, Rob Lawson, Janet Stephenson. Report for EECA November 2010.


Conference Papers

2010. Daniel Gnoth. Context and behaviour change: Analysing effect of shifting house on habitual home heating behaviour. Lancaster Sociology Conference.

2010. Miranda Mirosa, Rob Lawson, Daniel Gnoth. Linking Personal Values to Energy Efficient Behaviours in the Home. Otago Energy Research Centre (OERC) Symposium.

2010 Lawson, R., Mirosa, M., Gnoth, D., and Hunter, A., Personal Values and Energy Efficiency. Australia New Zealand Marketing Conference (ANZMAC), Christchurch, December, CDROM.

2010. Daniel Gnoth. Context and behaviour change: Analysing effect of shifting house on habitual home heating behaviour. University of Otago Business Symposium.

2011 Mirosa, M., Lawson, R., Gnoth, D. Rationalizing energy-related behavior in the home: Insights from a value laddering approach. European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ECEEE), Summer Study, Belambra Presqu'île de Giens, France, 6?11 June, CDROM.

2011. Using adapted soft systems methodology to understand changes in behaviour following sociotechnical transition (context change). Daniel Gnoth. School of Business Postgraduate Colloquium. University of Otago


Conference Posters

2010 - Energy Cultures Research Project. Daniel Gnoth, Ruth Goodwin, Anna Moore, Amy Hunter. Summer Scholarships Poster Competition. University of Otago

2010 - Context and behaviour change: Analysing effect of shifting house on habitual home heating behaviour. Daniel Gnoth. UKERC Summer School Poster Competition. University of Warwick 


Seminars Presented

2009 ? Energy lifestyles of Brockville residents in Dunedin. Daniel Gnoth, Rob Lawson, Janet Stephenson. Presentation for Brockville Residents.

2010 - Doing qualitative research. Rob Aitken, Heidi Pina-Gasca, Ikirene Aguirre-Bielschowsky Marketing Department, University of Otago. 

2010 ? Energy Cultures Research. Rob Lawson, Daniel Gnoth. Presentation for EECA in Wellington.

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