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Angga Dwiartama

Angga Dwiartama

PhD Candidate
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Angga Dwiartama finished his undergraduate and master's degrees in the School of Life Sciences and Technology, at the Institute of Technology, Bandung (ITB), Indonesia, with a focus in ethnobotany and biological resource management. He also worked at the same institution for five years, particularly as a research assistant and junior researcher in various projects related to the socio-economic aspects of biological resource management. At the University of Otago, Dwiartama's research topic mainly concerns the resilience and vulnerability of food systems in Indonesia and New Zealand as they are challenged by the global agrifood system.

Angga's research interests include sociology of agriculture and food (SAF) and its relation to social-ecological systems (SESs), with particular interests in food regime theory, actor-network theory, and resilience theory. 

Significant Publications

Dwiartama, A., Choesin, D.N. (2010). Ecological and Socio-economic Analysis of Nutmeg Smallholder Estate in South Aceh Regency. Presented at The 1st Joint Symposium of ITB and USM 2010, 20 ? 21st December 2010, Bandung.

Nawangsidi, H., Subahar, T, Salim, S., Choesin, D., Sulistyawati, E., Suprijo, T., Triastuti, I., Yuswana, Dwiartama, A., Samsirina, Syahyudesrina, Kusyala, D., Solihah, K. (2009). Integrating Climate Change Adaptation with Zonation Planning in the Coastal Area: Case Study in Indramayu & Pasekan District, West Java. Presented in the Seminar & Workshop on Strategic Environment Assessment (SEA) Study. The Ministry of Environment ? Republic of Indonesia.

Dasuki, U.A., Dwiartama, A. (2005). Traditional Medicinal Knowledge of Kampung Kuta Community in comparison with other cultural communities in West Java Province. In Seminar of Plant Taxonomy, November 2005. UPI : Bandung.

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