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Alison Stoddart

Alison Stoddart

Masters Candidate

The Centre for Sustainability was privileged to have known Ali Stoddart for the last few years of her life. Ali joined the Centre as a Postgraduate Student in 2010 and was working on her MA on the important topic of Food Waste when she took parental leave in early 2012. Tragically, Ali lost her life in a car accident on September, 30th, 2012, just when she was about to rejoin us to complete her Masters thesis. Ali was a beloved member of the CSAFE whanau. She will be sadly missed by all the staff and students at the Centre and we are endeavoring to keep her memory alive both as a strongly committed environmental activist and researcher and also in terms of progressing the specific work she was conducting on the ways in which New Zealanders understand everyday practices of food waste.

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