SAC # 59

I love whales, they are beautiful VS. I love whales, they are delicious!



TIME | 26 February 2009, 4pm onwards

LOCATION | Seminar Room, Centre for Innovation, 87 St. David St.

SPEAKER | Dr. Yuki Fukuda


Don?t you think that you only hear the one-sided story of this controversial issue? Now wait just a minute!! Just because I?m a Japanese, who decided I must be pro-whaling?! Developing understanding of where each party comes from is a step towards solving any conflict. So, I?m gonna be a schizophrenic for the first 20 min and argue both for and against whaling, covering animal welfare and sustainability issues. I will also present the history of whaling and the Japanese perceptions of whales. The rest will be discussion.

R18: Contains disturbing images and coarse languages with racial slur. Feel free to bring any friends who may be interested (but do not bring any weapons).

About the Speaker

Dr Yuki Fukuda is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the ARGOS environment team. She is interested in increasing native biodiversity through greening production landscapes. After finishing her high school in Tokyo, Japan, Yuki completed a BSc with Honours (Ecology and Conservation) at Lincoln University. During her honours, she studied pest bird management using visual birdscarers in Canterbury vineyards. She wanted experience much richer biodiversity, so she went to the University of Queensland for her PhD. Yuki used various ecological indicators (soil, vegetation & ants) to determine the process of landscape restoration in a western Queensland national park that was previously pastoral farmland. Yuki is based at Landcare Research in Hamilton to be close to her study sites in the Waikato. She enjoys the challenge of solving ecological problems, while accommodating social and economical needs in ARGOS projects and working with the people that matter the most ? the farmers.

About this Seminar

This seminar is also part of the Te Hao M?tauranga seminar series that supports Te Tiaki Mahinga Kai, a national coalition of kaitiaki, researchers policy makers and managers that support community-led approaches to fisheries management. for descriptions of past presentations in the series.



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