SAC # 85

New Zealand's Colonial and Contemporary Farm Women: Countering frontier barbarism...followed by an enlightening chat to Edna, a real farm sheila!



TIME | 29 April 2010, 4pm onwards

LOCATION | CSAFE Seminar Room, , Dunedin

SPEAKER | Sue Peoples


Farm women have been the cornerstone of New Zealand farming since the early days of pastoral farming in New Zealand in the mid-1800s. This presentation will show how their lives have changed considerably over time in response to different social, cultural and economic influences; their dynamic, their multi-faceted lives directly reflecting the circumstances in which they operate. Furthermore, this seminar will reinforce that whilst their lives have changed their importance has not, despite the work of farm women (on- and off-farm) being largely unappreciated and invisible. Finally, this presentation will reflect on whether the lives of contemporary farm women echo those of the past … what frontier barbarism are they countering now?

About the Speaker

This presentation is part of my PhD completed in 2007 entitled ‘Farm Women: Diverse Encounters with Discourse and Agency’. Whilst my research was geographical in nature an examiner wanted a historic overview to put the lives of current farm women into context. It added an interesting aside to the main thrust of my research and for my presentation I have added to the historic dimension with current research undertaken as a Social Researcher working for AgResearch.


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