SAC # 83

Food Security: Local & Global



TIME | 1 April 2010, 4pm onwards

LOCATION | CSAFE Seminar Room, , Dunedin

SPEAKER | Jörg Gertel


While enough food is produced to feed the world, the number of hungry people jumped over 1 billion just last year. In our increasingly connected world hunger still results from food availability decline (failure of production), food entitlement decline (failure of access) and intervention problems (failure of response) and from combinations of these causes. The paper will investigate the more recent dynamics of inequality, climate change, land grabs, urbanization and financialization of the global food system in order to understand the changing landscapes of producer-consumer relations and the contradictions inscribed into the notion of food security.

About the Speaker

Jörg Gertel is a geographer and a professor at Leipzig University. His recent book publications include Globalisierte Nahrungskrisen. Bruchzone Kairo ? (Globalized Food Crises. Cairo at Risk), (2010); Pastoral Morocco. Globalising Scapes of Mobility and Insecurity (2007); Alltags-Mobilitäten. Aufbruch Marrokanischer Lebenswelten (2010).


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