SAC # 82

Healing the Yukon: A grassroots tribal environmental movement



TIME | 4 March 2010, 4pm onwards

LOCATION | Seminar Room, Centre for Innovation, 87 St. David St.

SPEAKER | Rob Rosenfeld


For 12.5 years Rob Rosenfeld worked as the founding Director of the Yukon River Inter-Tribal Watershed Council, which brought 70 indigenous governments in Canada and Alaska together to sign a treaty to protect the 2300 mile Yukon River Watershed. He will share unusual tactics and strategies to bring former adversaries together and how to inspire communities, institutions and individuals to embark on roads to change for a more sustainable and just planet.

About the Speaker

Rob Rosenfeld has a Masters Degree in Sustainable Development and Non-Profit Administration from the Program in Intercultural Management at the School for International Training.  He works as an Independent Consultant with Indigenous governments assisting them in playing a lead role in operating their environmental programs, court systems, health programs, and gaining more of a voice in educational systems.  Currently, Rob's work with rural communities has given him the opportunity to assist in the development of Tribal partnerships with Municipalities, Environment Canada, Department of Environmental Conservation, Department of Defense, U.S. Geological Survey, the Yukon Territory Department of Water Resources and the Environmental Protection Agency. 


“Healing the Yukon: a Grassroots Tribal Environmental Movement” is also the first presentation in this year’s Te Tiaki Mahinga Kai Te Hao Mātauranga seminar series.


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