SAC # 103

A Changing World: Conceptualizing dairy farmers' adaptation to political changes in Switzerland



TIME | 24 February 2011, 4pm onwards

LOCATION | CSAFE Seminar Room, , Dunedin

SPEAKER | Jeremie Forney


During the 1990’s, Swiss agricultural policy started a deep transition from a productivist to a multifunctional model. My research aimed to understand the very meaning of this change for dairy farmers. It appears they find themselves facing a double pressure both in relation to their economic activities and their identity as farmers. This presentation will propose an analysis of Swiss farmer’s adaptation – and resistance – to what appears to be a deep reformulation of their professional identity.

About the Speaker

Jérémie is a visiting postdoctoral fellow at CSAFE. He just finished his PhD thesis (social anthropology) at the University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland, in May 2010. His doctoral research focused on the adaptation of Swiss dairy farmers to the political and economic changes that occurred since the late 1990’s: the progressive liberalization of market and the rise of “multifunctionality-based” policies. This main topic leads to a broad approach of family farming from a socio-cultural point of view, encompassing professional identities, farm management, analysis of political and economic frameworks, and landscape representations.


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