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Professor Henrik Moller

Professor Henrik Moller


Professor Henrik Moller is a passionate advocate of conservation through sustainable use of land and resources. Much of his 25 years of research and teaching of environmental management has sought to empower individuals, families and local communities to achieve more sustainable and resilient lifeways.

Henrik's research and collaborative learning approaches to enable ?bottom-up? approaches for improved environmental and social wellbeing have been complemented by ongoing advice to national-level policy-makers for improved management of both production landscapes and Protected Natural Areas.

Henrik has applied population and community ecology to identify practical tools and strategies for efficient pest control, conservation, and sustainable land and resource management. He has published over 100 peer-reviewed papers on topics ranging from experimental design, mathematical modeling, interface of Traditional Ecological Knowledge (M?tauranga M?ori) and science, environmental indicators, biocontrol, chemical pest control, mammal behaviour and population dynamics, invertebrates, forest birds, and seabirds.

He has placed enormous emphasis on communication to wider society and individual resource users by co-authoring an additional 200+ popular articles and unpublished reports; production of four educational packages, three educational videos, and numerous press releases; and feature articles for newspapers and newsletters to inform public debates on contentious issues of environmental management and sustainability.

Since 1993, Henrik has had a special interest in promoting bicultural collaborative management partnerships for improved environmental management and research, partly to support kaitiakitanga (M?ori environmental stewardship), but also to encourage fellow P?keh? to become ?native to this place? called New Zealand/Aotearoa.  

From CSAFE, Henrik leads the ARGOS Programme's environmental objective and co-directs the Sustainable Agriculture Research Cluster. He is also the Principal Investigator of three m?tauranga M?ori and science partnership projects to support sustainable t?t? (muttonbird) harvesting, island ecosystem management, and improved cultural and environmental wellbeing from m?taitai and tai?pure (M?ori-led customary-use reserves in rivers and estuaries, and along coasts).

Current & Recent Research Projects

  • Tirohia he Huarahi: Governance, planning, and management of mahinga kai by iwi/hapu
  • Agriculture Research Group on Sustainability: Environmental Objective and Extensions 2.1 & 2.2
  • Te Tiaki Mahinga Kai: Application of traditional knowledge and social-ecological research to enhance environmental and cultural wellbeing through mataitai and taiapure
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