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Dr. Marion Johnson

Dr. Marion Johnson

Research Fellow

As a research fellow, Dr. Marion Johnson?s interests encompass medicinal plants, traditional agricultural practices, and animal health with a particular emphasis on parasitology. She believes in melding aspects of agricultural science with traditional knowledge to create diverse and resilient farming systems. Marion comes from a farming background, has degrees in Agricultural Science and Environmental Biology, and holds a masters degree in Veterinary Parasitology. Her PhD integrated a range of studies on lungworm infections in farmed red deer and her post-doctoral fellowship initiated a search for New Zealand native plants with anthelmintic properties that would confer multiple benefits on farms.

Current projects and future directions include adapting aspects of Te Rongoa (Maori traditional medicine) for farm use; and the multiple uses of raupo (Typha orientalis) aspects of agroecology and ethnoveterinary practices.

Current & Recent Research Projects

  • Adapting principles from Te Rongoa into ecologically and culturally sustainable farm practice
  • Internal Parasitism in Red Deer
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