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Yuan Lu

Yuan Lu

PhD Candidate

Yuan Lu is an environmental educational worker from China. She got her Bachelors degree in Nan Kai University, Tianjin, China and her Masters degree in Canada after working for five years as a marketing specialist in Compaq China. She is particularly interested in tourism and national park management so she worked with the Faculty of Kinesiology at the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton, NB. Yuan did her research in Co-management in the Nature Reserves Management Project in China and went to Qinling Nature Reserve to do case studies about co-management practice in China. Before joining CSAFE Yuan was a Coordinator for introducing and translating international environmental films to China. She has translated many international environmental films into Chinese and helped distribute the Chinese version of hundreds of films into China.

Currently Yuan?s research interests focus on Local Ecological Knowledge and its role in sustainable development. She is particularly interested in a UNDP project called ?Wetland Biodiversity Conservation And Sustainable Use In China?. One of the demonstration wetland sites - Yancheng Coastal Marshes of Jiangsu Province is the only marine site, so she is interested in researching the relationship between Local Ecological Knowledge (LEK) and the decision making process in the project site.

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