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Provenance projects in Central Otago
Presenter: Debbie Hopkins & Darryl Grant

October 18, 4-5pm
Centre for Sustainability,


Darryl will outline results from his recent research assignment which asked to what extent might the ? World of Difference?  brand - created by the Central Otago council in the early 2000?s - function as an ?incubator? for emerging forms of food provenance in the region. The research suggests the World of Difference brand, coupled with the democratic methods of governance practiced by the council, may indeed form the conditions within which ideas of food provenance may in future be able to gain discursive and bureaucratic traction.   

Debbie will follow on from Darryl?s introduction and contextualisation of the ?World of Difference? branding and report on qualitative research conducted with Central Otago winegrowers. Preliminary findings suggest that the importance and value attached to sub-regions (within Central Otago) as a mean for differentiating the wines produced contradict narratives of collective and cohesive industry behaviours. There are a variety of motivations for owning vineyards which include the original ?the pioneers?, followed by later arrivals of ?the business? and ?the lifestyle? and these lead to varying perceptions on the sources and spaces of provenance in Central Otago.

 About he speakers:

Darryl is a PhD candidate with the Department of Sociology, Gender and Social Work where his research is focused on the ethical ramifications of research, with a particular focus on the three ?settler? states of New Zealand, Canada and Australia. 

Debbie is a PhD Candidate with the Department of Tourism at the University of Otago. Her PhD is titled: ?The social phenomenon of climate change: contextual vulnerability, risk perceptions and adaptation in the ski industry of Queenstown, New Zealand?. Debbie received her master?s degree in Geography from King?s College, London in 2010. She is Vice-President of the Otago branch of the Federation of Graduate Women, Sub-Warden at Selwyn College, Dunedin and a Committee Member of the Institute of Australian Geographers Environmental Sustainability Group.

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