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Sustainability assessment of an innovative technology: automatic milking in Danish organic dairy farms.
Presenter: Dr Frank Oudshoorn
Monday, December 3, 4-5pm - Please note the date of this seminar. It is in addition to our usual Thursday seminar series.
Centre for Sustainability,

Abstract: Automatic milking (AM) was introduced to Danish dairy farming in the mid nineties. More than 10% of the farms have taken up this new technology, stimulated by a massive structural development in Danish dairy farming. Farms have been growing larger, and becoming more specialized and mechan...Read More

Education for Survival, Resilience and Continuance: M?tauranga Taiao, M?ori and Indigeneity
Presenter: David McKay
November 29, 4-5pm
Centre for Sustainability,

Abstract: The literature suggests that philosophies, worldviews and approaches of indigenous cultures may be key to an urgent shift in paradigm towards holistic ethics, attitudes, values and behaviours, essential for an ecologically sustainable future, if not humanity?s survival. This researc...Read More

Shifting realities: Ecopreneurship and social enterprise in Samoa
Presenter: Sara Walton
November 15, 4-5pm
Centre for Sustainability,

Abstract: Social enterprises are increasing in number dramatically globally and as a concept are emerging as a popular field of academic study. However, given the emerging nature of the field  there is also a paucity of empirical research as most current research focuses on defining and distin...Read More

HEAPs of change: Warmer, drier and more energy efficient homes
Presenter: Rebecca Ford, Seth Gorrie & Chris Freear
November 1, 4-5pm
Centre for Sustainability,

Abstract: Most people living in Dunedin will already be aware of the energy-related problems associated with the residential housing stock. Many homes, particularly those in the rental market, are poorly insulated, and consequently households are subjected to sub-optimal indoor temperatures, dampne...Read More

Provenance projects in Central Otago
Presenter: Debbie Hopkins & Darryl Grant

October 18, 4-5pm
Centre for Sustainability,

Abstract: Darryl will outline results from his recent research assignment which asked to what extent might the ? World of Difference?  brand - created by the Central Otago council in the early 2000?s - function as an ?incubator? for emerging forms of food provenan...Read More

Targeting conservation action using trait-based frameworks
Presenter: Simon Butler

October 11, 4-5pm
Centre for Sustainability,

  Abstract: Global biodiversity losses continue despite increases in the scale and intensity of management practices designed to halt them. This suggests that the nature, structure and scale of these mitigation measures are insufficient to counteract existing drivers of decline and are likely...Read More

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