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Jim O'Gorman.
Is biological farming the future?

Thurs, 17 May - 4pm, Centre for Sustainability Seminar Room


From time to time, we find our accepted view of science challenged by a ?new? discovery.  This presentation challenges the accepted view of chemistry based soil science, starting with the premise that the soil is a live biological organism and in order to be sustainably productive, needs treatment as such.  Leading soil scientists and agriculture advisors increasingly understand the need to manage high salt index chemical applications in such a way as to balance soil biology. These results demonstrate what happens if we look at that concept in reverse; investigate methods of balancing soil chemistry through good management of soil biology.

They demonstrate how, using conventional biological science, agriculturally damaged soils can return to sustainable intensive high productivity. The processes are generated in a manner that can be adapted for larger intensive farm units.

Lab test results reinforce that these concepts challenge the credibility of the sustainability claims of conventional agricultural science.

Biological soil tests also present stark evidence of soil degradation and nutrient leaching in conventional intensively farmed soils and their causal link. Results suggest further research, using these biological concepts, could identify some effective remedies to soil degradation.

About the Speaker

Jim O'Gorman, known as the dirt doctor, has been researching methods of bio-remediation of badly damaged agricultural soils for nearly twenty years. He is known as a leading practitioner of biological methods of production in NZ. He features in the documentary, Earth Whisperers Papatuanuku and presents workshops throughout NZ.

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