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New senses of place, new practices of provenance: ethical framings and actor networks of regional brand creation in Central Otago
Dr Chris Rosin
Centre for Sustainability Seminar Room, Thursday 12 July, 4-5pm

CSAFE deputy director Dr Chris Rosin will be presenting a paper at the XIII World Congress of Rural Sociology in July. This is your opportunity to get the jump on his international audience and hear a précis of the work.


Within the Biological Economies project, the development of provenance propositions has emerged as an important element of the new forms of valuing and value creation in rural New Zealand.  In Central Otago, the ?World of Difference? collaborative branding scheme is one notable example of the attempts to attach provenance as a quality of products and services.  Implemented by the Central Otago District Council (local government body), the scheme involved a series of community meetings in an effort to identify the quintessential characteristics and defining qualities of the Central Otago region.  The process raises several questions regarding the practice of provenance as it operates in New Zealand: 1) Did it describe an existing or create a new sense of place?; 2) Does the scheme act as a new form of justification; 3) How did the scheme act to enroll or fail to enroll participants?


Dr. Chris Rosin has been at CSAFE since 2004, first arriving as a post-doctoral fellow in the Agriculture Research Group on Sustainability (ARGOS) project. Prior to his fellowship position, Chris trained as a geographer (using a political ecology approach). He completed masters research with smallholders in Costa Rica during the global coffee crisis of the early 1990s and later completed doctoral research in Brazil and Paraguay on smallholder response to the formation of the MERCOSUR customs union. Chris's early focus on land managers? responses to economic change and its impacts on human-environment relationships remains an important aspect of his research on sustainable agriculture in New Zealand.

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