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The Ethics of Fair Trade Tea:
Raising Some Research Questions
Presented by Dr Andre Everett
Centre for Sustainability Seminar Room, Thursday 23 August, 4-5pm

Abstract: It all began with a cup of tea... As the University and Dunedin came to lead New Zealand in the move to buying fair trade products, the decision to switch to a Fairtrade brand was intuitive and nearly automatic. However, was it rational? This presentation aims to raise more questions than...Read More

Development in an era of uncertainty and crisis
Barry Coates – Oxfam NZ
Centre for Sustainability Seminar Room, Friday 10 August, 2-3pm

Abstract: This seminar will consider the challenge of development in an era of uncertainty and crisis. The landscape of development has changed rapidly over the past decade and new approaches are needed to needed. Barry Coates will lead a discussion about new thinking on development, challenges fac...Read More

Me Rongo: Moriori Peace, Sustainability, Art and Inclusivity on Rekohu (the Chatham Islands)

Presented by the Otago Rekohu Working Group

Centre for Sustainability Seminar Room, Thursday 9 August, 4-5pm

Abstract: ?Me Rongo? is the Moriori greeting and affirmation for peace and was the title of a Congress held in December last year on Rekohu, known in English as the Chatham Islands, and in Maori as Wharekauri. This seminar is a report on the Me Rongo Congress, from four different perspe...Read More

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